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I couldn’t be happier with
my new kitchen!  It’s gorgeous.
Felix really took his time in making sure it was everything I wanted.   All I want to do now is show it off!  Thanks,  Chicago Remodeling Solutions.  I will definitely use you for whatever might come next.
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Mold Removal Company in Chicago

Don’t wait any longer to take care of your mold problem.  Call us immediately for a free consultation on your mold remediation in Chicago.  Our mold remediation technicians have over 15 years of mold removal experience and are PMII certified in residential and commercial mold removal.  Call your mold remediation contractor in Chicago today!

Mold can be extremely dangerous and can pose a serious health hazard to anyone who comes in contact with it,  The longer it’s left untreated, the more likelihood of someone coming in contact with it.  Mold can be dangerous to anyone, particularly infants/children and the elderly.

Our technicians follow every protocol throughout the mold removal process to ensure safe removal while making sure the problem is isolated and remedied.  The first most important step is…to take care of the moisture problem. Mold thrives on moisture and water.  The source of the water must be identified and fixed.  If the source of the moisture is never taken care of, it doesn’t make sense to continue on to the next steps.  The mold will come back. Humidity may be too high as well.  Any humidity over 55% makes for perfect conditions for mold to grow.  A dehumidifier may be the perfect answer for that. Standing water from a flood should be removed or drained.  Once the water is removed, the area should be thourougly dried.  If wet conditions continue to exist, it will only take 24 hours before toxic black mold will start grow.

Minimize the mold spores in the air before anyone starts cleaning and removing the mold.    It’s important for the mold spores not to spread to areas that are being cleaned or have been cleaned already.  The way to do this is through containment.  Each room that is worked on should be completely sealed off from non-infected rooms.  This includes all vents, windows and doorways.  Air purifiers are also used to minimize the airborne particles which allow spores to disperse to other areas of the enclosure.  Your Chicago mold removal contractor ensures that every precaution is taken.

Cleaning and removing the mold is the next step of the process.  Non-porous materials can be thourougly cleaned with disinfectant, completely dried and reused again.  Porous materials depending on the extent of the mold damage may need to be discarded.  If drywall is contaminated and damaged beyond repair, it will have to be cut out and replaced with new drywall, once the area has been completely cleaned and the moisture problem has been completely resolved.

Verifying the mold removal/remediation was a success is the final step that we follow to make sure you are rid of your mold problem.  First, we want to make sure that your original moisture problem is a thing of the past.  Second, the cleanup will be done properly to ensure 100% success.  There should be no visible signs of mold or any smells present for the mold remediation to be a success.  There should also be no visible signs of moisture or water damage that could potentially lead to more water/moisture, which could again cause mold.  Lastly, an air sample test can be conducted to ensure your Chicago area mold remediation project was a complete success!

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